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Automatically publish a webextension to Firefox, Edge and GitHub

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I wanted to automatically publish my webextension New Tab - Moment for some time but the lack of possibilities to specify the release notes has stopped me so far.

But there is now a new api on mozilla's addons which provides an endpoint for that, despite it being still not frozen and can change at any time.

So after some thinking, trials and errors I have now the following system:

Release schema

And now for the details.

The following scripts are for GitHub actions but can easily be ported to another system, like the one from Sourcehut for example.
They also presume that the webextension has been created on each browser store hence they only do an update.

I use some external actions in these jobs and since they are still not immutable I reviewed the source code before trusting them with sensitive secrets, but I specify the commit I reviewed in the uses instead of a version to be sure I will use the exact code I have validated.
That said it is always preferable to trust no one with your secrets and if possible write the code that uses them.

Release to Firefox

First the build is done through a shared action, used for a build workflow triggered on pushes and pull requests, and by the release workflow triggered on tags.
It only call the build and package scripts of my package.json then gets the version number from the generated firefox zip to rename the firefox and edge zips and upload them as artifacts:

- run: |
    yarn build
    yarn package
    filename=`ls web-ext-artifacts/firefox/new_tab_-_moment-*.zip | head`
    cp web-ext-artifacts/firefox/new_tab_-_moment-$ web-ext-artifacts/new_tab_-_moment-$
    cp web-ext-artifacts/edge/new_tab_-_moment-$ web-ext-artifacts/new_tab_-_moment-$
  shell: bash

- uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3
    path: web-ext-artifacts/new_tab_-_moment-*.zip
    if-no-files-found: error

The build script is in charge to:

After that the package script calls web-ext build and web-ext lint for each browser folder.

After the build, the release to Firefox action creates the version metadata containing the release notes then signs the webextension on the Mozilla's addons website and finally uploads the resulting .xpi on the build's artefacts:

  - name: Extract release notes
    id: extract-release-notes
    uses: ffurrer2/extract-release-notes@4db7ff8e9cc8a442ab103fd3ddfaebd0f8f36e4c

  - name: Create version metadata
    run: |
        release='${{ steps.extract-release-notes.outputs.release_notes }}'
        cat <<EOF > ./version-metadata.json
          "version": {
            "release_notes": {
              "en-US": $(echo "${release//### }" | jq -sR .)

  - run: yarn web-ext sign --api-key ${{ secrets.AMO_ISSUER }} --api-secret ${{ secrets.AMO_SECRET }} --use-submission-api --channel=listed --source-dir build/firefox --amo-metadata ./version-metadata.json

  - uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3
      path: web-ext-artifacts/new_tab_moment-${{ github.ref_name }}.xpi
      if-no-files-found: error

    release_notes: ${{ steps.extract-release-notes.outputs.release_notes }}

The first two steps focuses on the version metadata: first the release notes of the last version is extracted thanks to ffurrer2's github action then it is inserted in the json file of the version metadata.

Then the web-ext sign command of the well-known webextension tool web-ext to upload the webextension to AMO, sign it and publish it if all went well.
The argument --amo-metadata [metadata file path] (which has to be used with --use-submission-api) allows to specify the version metadata and thus the release notes.

Release to GitHub

The GitHub release runs after the firefox one. It downloads the artifacts uploaded by the previous jobs and creates a new GitHub release with them and the release notes through the softprops/action-gh-release action.

  needs: [release-firefox]
  runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/download-artifact@v3

    - name: Create Release
      uses: softprops/action-gh-release@de2c0eb89ae2a093876385947365aca7b0e5f844
        tag_name: ${{ github.ref }}
        name: ${{ github.ref_name }}
        body: ${{ needs.release-firefox.outputs.release_notes }}
        draft: false
        prerelease: false
        token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        files: |
          artifact/new_tab_-_moment-${{ github.ref_name }}.*.zip
          artifact/new_tab_moment-${{ github.ref_name }}.xpi

Note that a GitHub access token is needed.

Release to Edge

The Edge release also runs after the firefox one, in parallel of the GitHub release. It downloads the artifacts uploaded by the previous jobs and submit the edge zip as a new version of the edge addon through the wdzeng/edge-addon action.

  needs: [release-firefox]
  runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/download-artifact@v3

    - uses: wdzeng/edge-addon@b1ce0984067e0a0107065e0af237710906d94531
        product-id: ${{ secrets.EDGE_PRODUCT }}
        zip-path: artifact/new_tab_-_moment-${{ github.ref_name }}
        client-id: ${{ secrets.EDGE_CLIENT }}
        client-secret: ${{ secrets.EDGE_SECRET }}
        access-token-url: ${{ secrets.EDGE_TOKEN_URL }}

And here you go, it is not perfect but largely sufficient for my little addon and maybe yours.

No comments (for now), but you can reach me on mastodon.