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integrate pretzel with appveyor

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Pretzel is a static web site generator, much like Jekyll but in .net.
So while Jekyll users can use TravisCI or directly GitHub pages to generate their website we don't have this possibility with Pretzel.

Luckily, Appveyor provides the same features than TravisCI but in a Windows environment. And it is free, so you just have to create an account or login with your GitHub account.

Like travis, it is based on a yaml configuration file, named appveyor.yml, like the one for my website.


First, we need to install pretzel:

  - choco install pretzel -y

  - C:\tools\Pretzel -> appveyor.yml

The cache instruction indicates appveyor to store in cache the content of the C:\tools\Pretzel folder until the appveyor.yml is modified.

The installation folder of pretzel will soon be modified to comply to Chocolatey rules.


The build_script is simple: just run the bake command of pretzel on the site source.

- C:\tools\Pretzel\pretzel bake src

- path: src/_site
  name: compiled_site

Since the pretzel folder is in the appveyor cache, we cannot use the pretzel exe from the PATH, we must use the full path.

The artifacts instruction defines the files or folder you want to save after a build. You can access and download these files directly on the appveyor website.


test: off

So I think this line is self-explanatory: no test at all. For now at least, I plan to add a link checker soon. And maybe some sort of integration tests, we'll see.


Since this post I have set an incremental FTP deploy with creep.

So, now the goal is to deploy the artifact in a FTP server.
You can also deploy it to GitHub, Azure and other, appveyor support quite a few deployment supports.

- ps: .\Clear-FtpDirectory.ps1

- provider: FTP
  protocol: ftp
  username: zlaeditn12713ne
    secure: eK/zCvZEGU6BcRfo1CoYnlrLD7SoyaUyOb3aIq8CkmQ=
  folder: /httpdocs/laedit
  application: src\

The before_deploy instruction run a powershell (indicated by the ps: prefix) which cleans the destination folder.
I use powershell but you can use a Fake or your favorite build helper if you prefer.

Then the deploy instruction list all the deploy informations:

And since there is no constraints to the deploy, it is executed at each commit.


You now know how to use pretzel and appveyor to build and publish your shiny static website
You are just a commit away to your next post.

No comments (for now), but you can reach me on mastodon.